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Knightlight Alarm & Flashlight

Knightlight Alarm & Flashlight

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The popularity of personal alarms has risen over the last several years. They are simple to use even in a panic situation, can be carried with you anywhere, and can be used by anyone from the elderly to children (some grade schools and colleges even give them to all their students). The drawback has been that most of them are not reliable because they are cheaply made and not a serious option for personal protection. With this in mind, Streetwise Security Products has developed the Knight Light Alarm and Flashlight to take personal alarms to a whole new level.

The Knight Light stands guard, ready to protect you at a moment’s notice with a blinding 350 lumen strobe light and ear-piercing 130 dB alarm that will scare off an attacker and summon help.


Loud 130db Alarm
350 lumens LED Light
Weatherproof IP44 Rating
Wrist Strap
Non-slip Rubber Grip
Strobe Light
One Year Limited Warranty

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